Sunday, 27 August 2017

novel study summary-never evers.

Mouse,Connie, and Keira have Boarded the ferry and mouse is keen to try and talk to Lauren, whereas Jacks group is of the ferry and ready to go start talking to girls, the start working on their french get ready to go.Mouse walks  past Lauren and asks Lauren to meet her in 10, mouse then goes to the bathroom and overhears Lauren and scarlett talking about how annoying and ugly she looks.Mouse feels devastated she realizes that she will probably never trust Lauren again.Mouses group gets off the ferry and onto the couch, mouse falls asleep with Lauren voice on repeat in her head and shortly wakes up to the girls screaming with excitement at a cute french pop singer.The girls arrive at the hotel/lodge and mouse gets off to miss mardle in her face telling her what room she is in mouse ended up with Connie.

Both Jack and Mouse’s schools arrive at their hotel and all the girls are obsessing over the french pop star as they found out he is staying in their town.All the schools gather in the theater for the movie night and Jack can't help but notice a beautiful girl (mouse).he can't take his eyes of her, mouse notices him looking at her when she is looking around to see where Lauren is .The movie finishes and mouse and her friends get up and go back to their room and she is telling them all about him.Jacks mate Max suggests they go up to 3 girls Lauren, scarlett,melody max says us 3 plus them 3 are great but Jack disagree

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