Sunday, 27 August 2017

Novel Study : Chapter 2 - Spotter

 Reflection :
I feel very relieved that Cosmo is safe, injured, but alive and safe. I was worried after the Ditto and Stefan came back with Mona who was shaking violently because she was hit with a composite dart, a creeper, the were the worst. But thank goodness Cosmo knew how to cure her, with those real flowers that Stefan had. It was really sad after we found out that Stefan’s Mother had died a while ago, but it is really nice of Stefan to go and “talk” to her sometimes.

Questioning :
Right There
What type of dart was Mona shot with ?
Think and Search
What exactly is Ditto or Lucien Bonn ?
Author and Me
What do you think is going to happen after Mona wakes up ?
On My Own
Do you think its right to shoot innocent people with darts full of chemicals that cause harm?

Prediction :

I predict that in the next Chapter Mona will be okay, but they have to go on a mission to go and save someone from the parasites, but they almost end up getting caught, because after Mona got attacked, I think people might end up going after them. But someone ends up getting hurt or something like that..
Connections :
( Text to Self )
( Text to World )
When I lost my Poppa, i did not like talking about I only said things in my head but never out loud. Just like Stefan when they had the flowers, he never said anything about it, because he doesn’t like talking about it.
Lots of people go to there families grave to ask for advice or just go and talk to them. In the book Stefan goes to talk to his dead Mother.

Summarising :

In this Chapter Cosmo wakes up in pain, and had to be fixed up because the electric shock had caused so much damage to his body. Mona got shot with a Creeper dart, and it caused convulsive shaking and dangerously high temperature. Stefan goes to "talk" to his dead Mother.

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