Sunday, 27 August 2017

Novel Study #1 Summary

There's is a guy named Stan. Stan joined minecraft for the first time. All his friends tell them that this is a good server to get himself started, so he plays in this server. He found a book where he spawned,  which told him how to play. It said, that you can take, one sword made out of wood and two pieces of bread. Stan found a friend on the server who goes by the name of  Charlie. Charlie is like Stan and has never played before. Stan and Charlie both set off to try to go a village (The book said that there is village if they follow a path)Along the way they face with monsters (They see The Zombie, The Spider, The Skeleton) these monsters set them back so they are still not there. They set up walls to protect them self and carry on their journey, along the way they found a girl. The girl pointed a sword to Stan’s chest “Give me all your items or your friend gets it” (says the girl) they gave her all of these useless items (His damaged wooden sword, a piece of bread, a pile of dirt, a piece of rotten flesh, a bone, five arrows, some wood, and a whole mess of spider string) she said you got nothing good. Stan jot his sword and sliced her chest plate off seeing her orange shirt.

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