Sunday, 27 August 2017


12 year old Mr. Munro
Brett woke up just releasing that he was late to school. Luckily his school was close so he didn’t have to rush and walk to school from far away. As he got to class he just realized he hadn’t finished his homework so he would be getting in big trouble.  “YOU'RE LATE”! shouted Mr. Whitehead. Mr Whitehead was Brett's teacher and he definitely wasn’t a favourite on Brett’s list.
“Why weren’t you here on time Brett”? Asked Mr Whitehead. “Sorry I slept in” answered Brett. “Well that’s not good enough, so I guess you have detention after school since you were late”. Brett went to sit in his seat and as he sat down he saw his friends laughing at him because of what just happened.   

Lunch time came around and he wasn’t too excited because he hadn’t brought any lunch to school because he was so late he didn’t have time. So he just sat there and watched everyone eat their lunch and have a good time. Luckily his friend Lawrence had heaps of lunch and was nice enough to give him some food.
After lunch they got set back to their science class I guess Brett was having an unlucky day but also a good day because he got given lunch. They reason for the bad luck was because his science Teacher Mrs. Baker had told him he had failed in the test that they did and he didn't do very well.
Then came home time Brett's favourite time but this was also his favourite time because he had sports training after school and enjoyed training for his cricket games. Once his cricket training was finished he had arrived home and his mum was taking care of other children from his school. This was his day routine and this happened everyday but sometimes different challenges came his way.

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