Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Narrative Writing #1

BO3 Comes To Life

As Fabian sat in his room playing on his PS4. Fabian stood up and got a drink from his mini fridge. He grabbed the water bottle from his fridge and unscrewed the lid. As he returned to his chair Fabian tripped on his headset cord and water went flying through the air hit the T.V screen and his PS4 and broke down. He fell down on his knees and he was crying so hard that it looked like a waterfall. But when all hope was lost the T.V screen started to flicker on and off. His T.V started to have a massive hole in it and his PS4 was going insane it was like it was in last stand. Then a specialist comes out of the T.V . It was Outrider she pulled out her Sparrow (Bow and Arrow) and aims it on Fabian's head…

She let go of her string and the arrow hit his head and stuck there and then she got as far away as possible before she manualy blew it up. Then 1 by 1 the Specialists come out until all 9 are out. As soon as Ruin stepped foot in the real world he activated his overdrive and sprinted over towards the Warehouse to plan his first attack. Firebreak walked around the destruction that Outrider made while everyone else went running towards the city. Meanwhile the S.W.A.T team is moving towards the city thinking it was a terrorist attack. The S.W.A.T team found Battery roaming around the streets as soon as she saw the van she turned around and face them and activated her kintec armour, brought out her war machine and riddled the S.W,A.T van with her grenade launcher. Bodies went flying out of the van there was one lucky survivor who pulled out his glock 18 and fired it at Battery, she didn’t even flinch she just looked at the man pulled out her gun and shot him in the head.
Poor people in the Warehouse can’t protect themselves from Ruin. All of the Warehouse customers ran for the exit it was like a stampede. As all of the customers are running out Ruin slams the ground with his gravity spikes and brought the whole warehouse down and quickly sprinted out of the Warehouse and as he got out the roof collapsed and squished 24 people in the process. Spectre was roaming the city with his active camo activated so he was invisible. He walked to a spot were the most amount of people were, let out his hidden blade and started to lunge at people and slice their heads of and one by one people’s heads were dropping off and hitting the floor. Prophet pulled out his tempest and started to shoot the power lines so that all of the electronics devices in the building overridden and blew up and made a massive hole in the building. The Armed Defenders team moved in to try and take Prophet down but he activated glitch, and teleported back to where he was 30 seconds ago and shoot the commander and when he did so the commander was getting electrocuted it connected to the men next to him until the whole team was electrocuted.

Meanwhile Nomad was walking around town with his h.i.v.e gun and setting up traps on buildings, bus stops, cars, busses, window’s, literally anything. One unlucky women walked past one and got absolutely swarmed with bees and wasps that her limbs, head, and ears of her head came off and more and more people were getting swarmed and Nomad was just laughing and every now and then he would wheeze. Then another Armed Defenders team came in and this time they were more prepared they had bigger guns and they even had a turret on top of the van. They started to fire at Nomad but he was prepared Nomad let them shoot him. Nomad when down on the ground activated rejack and green smoke appeared and he pulled out his h.i.v.e gun and started to shoot swarms at them. Everyone in the van got swarmed by the bees and wasps that Nomad was still alive. Seraph was roaming the tops of buildings aiming down her sights of her annihilator and she shot every bird that went by she even shot a couple of people down on the ground. Seraph activated her combat focus and killed more people until she got her R.A.P.S deploy ship. The big, spiky, death balls came crashing in on the streets blowing up near people creating fire blood and limbs to fly every where until…

Firebreak came in to ruin the show. He activated heatwave it disorientated everyone in the city and pulled out his brecci wall ran all the way up to where Seraph was shot her in the head, ran over to where Spectre was last seen started to shoot randomly until he saw a body on the ground, and shot Reaper and Prophet in the head mid fight. Then he had to catch Ruin, Battery, and Outrider. Firebreak started to climb more buildings because he knew where Outrider would be hiding. As soon as Firebreak heard her, he started to shoot through a wall and then he saw Outriders body fall down. Battery was just waiting to be killed so she stood in the middle of the streets and said “shoot me you’ll kill me any ways.” So Firebreak shot her in the head and soon after that he found Ruin. Firebreak dropped his gun ran over to him brought out his flamethrower and burnt him to a crisp. Fabian’s mother ran over to Reaper with a clever ripped of his built in minigun dragged it over to where firebreak was and shouted “THIS IS REVENGE.” As she pummeled him with Reapers minigun. She chucked it on the floor and cried at the disaster a game had caused.

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