Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Narrative writing #1

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Boom!I hear the loud sound of the bomb dropped down from the war plane.I hear kids screaming and the parents of there kids yelling out for them as i'm badly injured with cuts of glass in my arm i'm yelling out for help.When i was yelling out for help i heard a kid crying in pain so i went over and tried to lift all the heavy bricks off the kid and i couldn’t.5 minutes later i still find no help and the kids in pain and so i run outside and i see a hospital with no one in it, so i run and see if they have a first aid kid and to see if anyone is in there to help me.

I arrive back to the kid and she's slowly about to die because of all the weight on her body.I finally see another man with cuts and sores all over his arm and face and i asked him to help me lift all the bricks and weight on this girl and he said”Yes”and so they both tried and tried to lift up all the wait on this girl.I said to myself”This girl is about to die and i don’t know if anyone is going to help me.As we looked around for people we came back and she had died from all the weight on her so there was nothing else but to leave it at that.

My first aid kit was lying on the floor empty i said out loud”Someone just took all the bandages and plasters for my sore.
We saw a couple a girls running away from something and as soon as they came out of the building they had been shot in the arm the yelled out for help so i ran and got them to follow me to the hospital and i had to put pressure on the girl's arm.As the sun rises up the 2 girls were fine and so they had to leave and find there parents.It was a horrible night and really sad for all the people that died last night especially that girl we tried to save.

I had to move to another country now that my country isn't safe anymore.I went back to my house it was all blown up and i tried to find my wallet and money i said to myself"That's right i have a safe to keep all my money in"as i went in not a single thing was blown up.I just had enough savings to go to a new country to start a new life style but first i had to choose where i was going to start my new life.I decided to go to Australia because when i was a kid i really wanted to go to all the theme parks and especially to taste there food in Australia and what its like in Australia

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