Wednesday, 30 August 2017


The 4 waves

It was the year of 1853 there was a country called Afghanistan
it had 5 little cities in the whole of Afghanistan there was a city called Boston, Austin, Arizona, Bailey, Arlington. There was a boy called Jeff he is short and skinny he had blond hair like the sun and green eyes like the grass he has always likes to wear shorts and a hoodie. He likes to do his homework all in one day so that he has time to play video games. He likes to hang out with his family and friends but most of all he loves playing Video game.         

Image result for huge waveOne day Jeff got home from school turned on the tv to play video games but when he turned the tv on he got side tracked by the new. As the news reporter said that something bad is going to happen in the next 1-5 hours so get as far away as you can. but the person that Jeff is he doesn’t believe that stuff so of course he just turns the tv to a different channel. About 1 hour after the news had said that something was going to happen, he felt that his pants was wet he looked down and his house was flooded. He swam to the front door but couldn't open it so he swam to one of the windows and looked outside were he saw the whole neighborhood was flooded.   

Image result for earthquakeTwo months later the news reporters were talking about how the tsunami and how it ruined all the houses while they were talking about it there was another huge wave that came over the whole city again but all the water slowly sloshed down the drain. Half way through all the water sloshing down the drain Jeff and all the people that live in Afghanistan and in the 5 little cities that are in Afghanistan all felt the ground shaking, the doors in the house opening and closing. Jeff was panicking because there was no one home and he didn’t know what was happening then it struck him it was an EARTHQUAKE.  He remembered that when he was still in primary they taught him to drop everything that he is doing and get under a table and hold and get away from any glass. He was also taught that if you are outside stay away from building and power poles.  
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It was a lovely day in Afghanistan and all of a sudden the the tv cut off all the power and wifi went down and the sun had vanished the clouds had turned black and there was a spiral thing hanging from the sky. Jeff was taking a nap until he heard that a loud BANG BANG BANG from the window in the room he was napping in. Jeff suddenly woke up to see who it was but it wasn’t anyone it was something. Jeff jumped out of bed and ran to the lounge were he tried to turn the tv on but there was no signal he started to panic he quickly opened the door and ran to the house that was 4 meters away but there was no answer. He remembered that his parent had left their car for him and so he ran back to his house grabbed the car keys and jumped into the car and drove to the nearest town. When Jeff reached Arizona he went to the place where his mum had said they were at for work. When Jeff reached the shop there was no one there so he went to the nearest open shop and asked if they know his mum and dad and where they are. After going to the 5th shops Jeff he finally found his parents and told him that  they need to go home.
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Image result for chemicalsOnce they found all the aliens and killed all of them they had to move on.  The police made meetings with scientists to make up a chemical that will make that there will never be a huge wave up to 8.5 metres high. The scientists went away and worked on a that would work. 3 weeks after the police send them away one named Albert Einstein came back with a chemical named baking soda that will not make any huge waves.

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The next day Jeff and his parents went back to the house but when they reached Boston they were stopped because something happened that no one was allowed to see and if the news broke from the people that saw. That day at 3pm they were finally allowed to go through and when they got to the spot where it happened all they saw was green stuff lying on the other side of the road. When they finally reached there home at 3am the next morning the family that lived next door to them was still awake. Jeff went over and talked to his friend that lived next door and he asked him if he knew what had happened on the road and if he could tell him. They went inside and his friend Noah told him that there was aliens that were coming to kill all the humans and take over Afghanistan and all the 5 cities. All the aliens started in the middle of Boston to see who was going where. As soon as the aliens started separating they started hearing BANG BANG BANG and they all dropped dead.

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