Sunday, 27 August 2017

My description of 12yr old Mr.(Brett) Munro

12yr old Brett Munro (Mr. Munro) was a short, skinny young boy who had pale skin. He had had an embarrassing haircut with  brown hair like chocolate, it was a little roughed up because he had messed it up to look cool and different. Mr Munro had greeny-blue eyes that shined like the ocean and a big, cheeky grin growing along his small, round face. He would wear slightly baggy, light green shorts, grey or white long-sleeved shirts and dark colored sneakers to gain other students attention while playing Gangstas Paradise on a big as boom-box. He has his own little gang of uncool friends, who tried to be cool while listening to rap songs. While secretly listening to Mariah Carey and singing along while dancing. He was always trying to be cool by doing stupid and dumb things like denting a few peoples cars and while letting others take the blame for it, which is NOT cool. He desperately wanted a girlfriend but they all ran in the other way when he came walking in there direction.

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