Sunday, 27 August 2017

Mr. Munro when he was 12

Mr. Munro

12 year old Mr. Munro had blonde scruffy hair and had deep blue eyes. He was a sporty student but listened to some oddly interesting music. Mr. Munro got up to mischief with all his mates denting cars, pranking each other and all that stuff, but they still had heaps of fun.
Mr. Munro was the less successful older brother but he liked to think he was the favourite out of the 3 brothers that he had. He had the looks and made all the girls stare but maybe that was in a bad way. Mr. Munro was unexpectedly the popular one at school (well at least he thought he was) and hung out with the “cool kids” everyday.
What if Mr. Munro was the most popular kid in his class….. Nahhhh I doubt that. He probably would of been the kid that sits in the middle of the class just minding his own business but also trying to get up to mischief.

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