Saturday, 19 August 2017

Mr Munro narrative

It was just the 3 of us in squad ,Bruce,lawrence and I were all very close and liked to think that we were the popular ones but I can say were well away from being the “cool kids”.I wouldn’t pick anything over them they were my life, but when I did and things go bad I have to somehow gain their trust again.
It was monday morning .Just your average day at school ,until we got told we were changing seats,I hated the fact that I wasn’t gonna be with the boys,Our teacher mr Whitehead called out our names and we sat at our new seats.Everybody hated Mr white head, he was loud obnoxious and the worst teacher ever, he liked to think that he knew everything and loved calling me a brat.

Now it was 9:15 and I was already dreading this day, Bruce and Lawrence were lucky enough to be together and I was stuck in the middle near one of the worst people ever.Austin, he was the popular one, the one that got everything he wanted he was a spoiled brat.
Lunch time had just started and me and the group sat down in our little corner, it was just us all until Austin arrived.
“What do you want” lawrance asked
“You want to be popular, don’t you” replied Austin.
“Nah” said Bruce but I insisted that we listened.
Austin said “the only way can become popular is if you get girl friends”
He stood up and walked away,I was so keen on becoming popular that I followed him, leaving my mates behind.I slowly made my way over to this girl called Angie, We knew nothing about each other but she was very pretty.
“ hey angie do you wanna go out” I asked
“Yeah” replied Angie.
But this was soon gonna turn out to the worst decision I have ever made.
Later on after school we went to the park to hang out, we talked and talked about our lives and our friends, time was flying by and soon it was 5:00 pm.We said our goodbye’s to each other,but as I was walking away someone came up behind me and knocked me out.
My head was spinning and I woke up but I didn’t know where I was.the stairs were creaking and I saw someone shadow walking down the stairs.
“Had  a nice sleep” Angie said.
“Why am I here” I asked
“This is a part of Austin's plans, he asked me to help destroy you” she replied, as she walked back up the stairs.
It was just me in this cage, all alone with nowhere to go, regretting my decisions I wished I had a way to tell Bruce and Lawrence what has happened to me.They would be wondering why I wouldn’t be answering their texts.
It was friday morning, Bruce and Lawrence were at school.
“Where is Brett” Bruce asked
“Have no clue, haven’t seen him since lunch yesterday” replied Lawrence.
Suddenly they see Angie and Austin talking to each other.They questioned it all day until it was home time when they decided to follow Angie home.
I had been stuck here for almost 24 hrs bored to death.There was a creak on the stairs,I stood up to realise It wasn’t Angie it was bruce and lawrence.Jumping up and down with excitement they grabbed the key and freed me from the cage.
My time of popularity was over but I was glad to be back with the people I knew had my back.

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