Sunday, 27 August 2017

Mr Munro
Mr.Munro was a short, scrawny and yet intelligent boy. Mr.Munro had WAAAAAY too much hair, that's why he doesn’t have any hair now … because he shaved it all off. Mr.Munro didn’t get bullied a lot because he was part of the ‘Cool kids group’ , Mr.Munro was their leader … Because he had a boombox. Mr.Munro carried his ‘Cool Boy’ Boombox everywhere and jammed that Nirvana and Bon jovi through the school. Mr.Munro was a really chill person as well as a funny person, he liked to wear ripped jeans with a black on white striped collar shirt, all while rocking that mean Mohawk. Mr.Munro would have the noise control come over to his house once a week because of all the Blink 182 he listened to, he was just like a typical Twelvie - LEARN YOUR LESSON … THEN GO BACK TO NORMAL. Mr.Munro also never had a girlfriend when he was young, so he drowned his sorrows in some of that Boyz II Men.

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