Thursday, 17 August 2017

Mr. Munro description

The clock was ticking loudly, the office was silent, you could almost hear a pin drop. All I  could hear was the heavy breathing of my friend, Austin. Mr. whitehead was pacing back and forth. My eyes were following every move, when they came to a sudden halt. “You boys have been very disrespectful!” his silent voice, was worse than his loud voice. “What were you thinking, putting a pin under Mrs baker's chair. Bruce gave a snort, staring at me with childish eyes. It was so hard not to giggle. “Bruce Jones!” Mrs Baker was trying to find a comfortable spot on her chair, but throbbing in pain. “You have disappointed me, and for me to think you were my star student”, Mr. whitehead cut her off “Mrs Baker that is quite enough!” Mrs baker sobbed, and obayed. Mr. white head turned to us, “Brett, Bruce, and Austin. If we have any more mishaps you will be suspended!” I laughed “what a funny joke Mr. whitehead.” Mr. whitehead cut me short, “Brett!, that includes you! I will be watching all you boys like a hawk, no more pranks. Now get out,  Out!”

we walked our way to the door,  only to see angie. “What was that about, are you in trouble again?” she teased “shut up angie! I don’t want to get in trouble again, or we’ll be suspended” Bruce protested. I gave him the evils “what is it, Bret don’t look at me like that” I rolled my eyes and dragged them somewhere else. Austin smiled, “maybe being suspended isn’t that bad, a free week off school, would be awesome, imagine the amount of lollies we’d get, and the movies, we would be watching” everybody nodded their heads, maybe Austin was right (for once). Besides if we were ever going stop pranking we’d have to go out with a big bang.

I spoke up against my fellow friends. Innocent eyes looked back at me, I took a hard gulp and gave my speech. Who is Mr. whitehead to tell us to stop pranking!, who is he to tell us what to do” my wide eyed friends looked back at me in awe “yeah, who does he think he is!” Austin yelled “Yeah” we chanted back. “And if we’re going to stop once and for all we need to go out with a big bang with the master plan we’ve been working on all these years!” Our squad whispered secretly, even Angie joined in. it was decided our master plan was laid out. I turned back and grinned, the teachers were in for a wild ride.

As morning drew forth, I woke up bright eyed, today was the day, our last prank was ready, we had been planning for this day for years, and it had finally, Arrived. Grabbing for the phone, I immediately dialed Bruces number. “You ready?” the answer on the other line was fuzzy but I could make out the words. “Heck yeah, I’ll be at school at 5:00am make sure your there!” I hung up the phone, and enthusiastically got ready. I snuck out my window, leaving a note for mum. Dashing out I ran to school, meeting Bruce and the gang. They had bags of things, streamers, cream pies, pins, you name it. I giggled at them, and we climbed over the fence to set up.

It had taken us 2 hours to set up, but it was all worth it. Mr. Whitebeard was going to be there at eight, and it was currently 7:00am, so we had enough time to hide the evidence. 7:30, the clock was ticking fast. 7:59, we were all in our positions. “Theres Mr. whitehead” he was whistling a happy tune, down the path to school, soon to be ruined by them. Mr. whitehead reached for The door, and with a creak and a splash it was open, A bucket of ice water covered his head, as he was shot up onto the roof, where he would hang for the next hour. We snuck in hoping to see a hung up Mr. Whitehead, but all we found was a strange new man. “Oh no!, the new principal!” Mr. whitehead was slouching down the path to school. “I knew that Mr.whitehead was to depressed to be that happy!” tension stirred, we ran off hoping for the best. When we came to a sudden halt. It was the high school bully, Andy. We froze in fear, how were we supposed to live to this day? We started running toward our new principal and took a turn, Andy followed us but was stopped by Mr.Whitehead “I knew it was you, You trouble maker he said. You are expelled! I squirmed, life was great, the last prank ever and we didn’t even get in trouble for it, I sighed with relief, dreaming of the gangs next master plan.

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