Thursday, 17 August 2017


The clock stopped, it was 7 minutes past 8 and it was time to get up for school. 12 year old Brett, With his Blonde mullet, wearing his white nike velcroed shoes, shorts, and a white t-shirt, listening to his rock music on the foot step of his door after nine o’clock being a savage, with his mp3 player. “Hey Brett!, What are you doing! You're meant to be at school not sitting here at the doorstep listening to, what is this hmmm! Just get in the car!!” Brett was really in trouble, he did it bad this time. He arrived to Maidstone primary school were all of his friends were staring at him like “why you late? Again” Brett gets to his desk, with all his fringe in his face covering his blue eyes, embarrassed that his mum had to drop him off while she was still in her gown, Mr Munro was really embarrassed even the cool kids were looking at him.  
Morning tea, all the cool kids screening around him asking why he was so late. Brett had a “cool” way of saying it. “oh , oh I was sitting at the front step, listening to, you know Nirvana smells like teen spirit” when actually he was listening to Kci, and Jojo All my Life. Brett friends got disgraced, Bruce just pushed him and ran off, Austin laughed and walked away, while Angie and Lawrence just stood there staring at him Brett didn’t talk to them for 3 months, he hated it but then one day Angie and Lawrence came up to him and whispered, “I listen to that as well as Lawrence, we are really sorry about 3 months ago” whispered Angie. Of course Brett had to get super excited that he had to blabber out the rest of the songs he listen to, then Angie and Lawrence had to tell Austin and Bruce.
Brett just got more and more bullied each day because the word kept spreading. When it reached the last month of the school year, Bruce & Austin had to open up “Um Brett, well we have a confession to make,we lied to you we actually really liked most of those songs and some we hate but were sorry for making you unpopular let's hope we can be friends again” Then everybody overheard Bruce and Austin, they all had to go and apologize everyone felt so bad for bullying Brett because of his bad taste of music, Brett had to forgive them all he had to be popular again. Brett apologised to them as well as taking their apologies.
And of course again something had to happen, he had to get to popular. The clock turned 3 Brett knew it’s going to have to be a mission to try get out of this school with everybody crowding around him, the teacher was letting people out 1 by 1 Brett had to be the first person out of school “Brett you're sitting up nicely you can head off” Brett walked past Mr. Whitehead  “Be careful out there”. Brett waved to everybody in the class goodbye and left the class and of course some random kid had to come and talk to him, then all the other school kids had to come running out asking Brett for everything.
Brett was home late, “Brett why are you home so late” asked Mrs Munro in disgrace, he had to think of something smart to do tomorrow during break times “hmm what should I do” thought Brett “ah I got it go and hide in the toilets outside, nobody will find me then” said Brett. That Morning Mrs Munro dropped Brett off to school, and he went straight to the outside toilets were nobody could find him, whenever somebody would walk in he would jump on the toilet and kneel down so that nobody could see his feet or recognize any of his clothing. Brett did that for 1 whole month with no brake. But during that month he just became more and more unpopular. Brett would sit in that bathroom where he could just relax and listen to his jams, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey R Kelly I BELIVE I CAN FLY, all his music was great to listen to in the toilets.
Brett got home annoyed by his brothers , Brett went up stairs and listened to his music, this music really calmed him down. He couldn’t get over of how annoyed he was all those people came up to him and just got in his way Brett had to start his homework before Mrs Munro found out that he was behind in his homework. He grabbed his headphones and started jamming while doing his homework.
Brett didn’t have a lot of homework just a couple of spelling words he had to get done. He hated doing his homework, he just hated it the only bit he liked about it was the end of homework time, which was play time out on the school fields all of his friends Austin, Angela, Lawrence, and Bruce were all there. Nobody liked Brett as the famous kid any more, that made him happy there was no more people going up to him after school no more screening around him and definitely no more people coming to his house without his permission. Brett and all of his friends were on the rugby field playing soccer, Brett lived a good life, nobody annoyed him, and nobody ever went up to him again.

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