Sunday, 27 August 2017

MIXED Tape writing.

 "What have you done?" the headmaster bellowed, all eyes now turned to Brett as he stood over the lifeless body on playground. Brett stood still and everything stopped, people stood like statues all around Brett, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in prams all lifeless and frozen in time. As time continued Brett’s steely mask shone in the sunlight, he prayed that this would not be his last day. “My office now” Headmaster Mr Whitehead bellowed, Brett walked inside the large building. Brett wandered aimlessly through the building seeking any form of distraction to avoid the inevitable doom. Why did it feel like Brett was nearing the gallows? He cautiously turned the handle. pushed open the old creaky door and looked inside. Brett’s hair stood on end, a shiver raced down his spine and a lump came to Brett's throat it was her... Mrs Baker the deputy principal she was going to kill me.
"Help me!" Help me!" came the call from behind the wood door. Austin was outside at the time waiting for Brett jump through the window but all he heard was a whoosh as Brett was beheaded and the gory head slammed into the window Austin fell onto his back frightened Mrs Baker had killed him. The head It moved, why was it moving?  That should not have been moving, well not on it's own anyway wait a minute it was her Mrs Baker she was staring right at Austin He got up and ran like the wind and ran into the graveyard The gravestones stood silently, row upon row like soldiers long forgotten, Wandering through the newest part of the graveyard it felt like something was watching me but there it was brand new mysteriously Brett's gravestone stood before me a glint from the shadows what was austin realised what it was before it was too late and the sound of metal and stone whacking together was deafening austin picked up the cleaver and ran into the thick part of the graveyard hoping to lose his pursuer in the shadier part I crouch behind some trees to see who was stalking me I realized  My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was her.Mrs Baker just like with brett she was here to kill me but yet I had time she hadn't found me yet I still had time it was a game kill or be killed I had to think about it how could I get her off guard than I thought perhaps I could throw a stone in another direction then he decided on doing it I threw the stone she turned in the direction I crept up on her and something took over me and I beheaded her I realized I needed to get out of here.

By Lucas.

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