Monday, 21 August 2017

Mixed Tape Narrative

“Wake up Brett it’s time for you to go!”Mrs Munro shouted. He rolled of his bed thumping onto the ground as he got up for his early morning sport training.  He never wanted to go to any trainings in the morning but his mum always forced him because she knew that he enjoyed it after 5-10 minutes into the session. Brett was never so convinced by his mother so he tried to make up excuses when he was in the bathroom like making strange sounds in the bathroom or fake coughing because the Eco made it sound really bad. But Brett’s Mum was used to all of this since he tried it all the time. Lawrence knocked on the door waiting for Brett to answer so they could go to sports training together. Mrs Munro answered the door and asked Lawrence to step inside while his friend was getting ready. Brett was taking longer than he usually does which made Lawrence a little worried that he might run late for training.  Anyone who showed up late to training had to do fitness the whole time.  Lawrence couldn’t risk having to do to the fitness even if it meant that Brett had to so he decided to leave and hurry to school with the time he had left.

Finally Brett had got out of the bathroom but he still hadn’t realized he running under the clock. He does everything acting like he as all the time in the world. He had realized that his friend Lawrence wasn’t there so he decided to check the time to see if he was going to arrive soon. His heart stopped he pushed his cereal bowl a side, grabbed his bag and ran to school as quick as possible. Lucky for Brett he had arrived on time but since he was in a rush he forgot all his gear. Mr Whitehead was furious he told Brett he was going to have to do the fitness test. Brett wasn't having it so he decided to back chat to his teacher which only ended badly for him. He was told that he was no longer going to be a part of the team and he should forget about doing any other sport because Mr.Whitehead was going to make sure that he wasn't doing any.

School had started and Brett had the urge to ask why Lawrence didn’t wait for him for training because it might've kept Brett out of the trouble he was already in. He started talking to him in class but his teacher Mr.Whitehead hated when people talked over the top of him.Since he was already in Mr.Whitehead bad books he got told off but Brett decided to talk back so Brett and Mr,Whitehead are going at each other. And it just got to the point where he was told to leave the class and he was going to be having a meeting with the principle. Brett hated getting embarrassed in front of his classmates so he decided to do something that would make his teacher look like a fool even though he knew that the consequences if Mr.Whitehead ever found wouldn’t be very pleasant. Brett knew he didn't have a chance with the principle because the teacher always won the argument when they entered that room. And the exact same thing happened to him as well but 10x worse. He was told he had 2 days left and that would be it he wouldn't be aloud to come back to the school ever again.

Brett decided that he was going to injure his teacher badly before he was forced to leave.After school when everyone was leave he covered his teacher chair with pins so when he sat down he would jump um hitting the ceiling at the top since the classroom was so small. To finish it off Brett was going to spray water over the teacher and run.

The next day had come and probably the last for Brett. He had gotten everything ready it was just the matter of being there on time to see the whole thing. Since Brett was booted from the team he didn't have to worry about going to training that morning. His mum wasn't that angry because that's what everyone gets in trouble but he was just really unlucky. He arrived at school with a smirk on his face as he entered his class. He played around with his pen until the school bell rung. Mr.Whitehead entered the class not looking at anything but Brett. He started talking about how he was going to get booted out the school and trying to really get on Brett's nerve. He took a seat on his chair rising up in a split second hitting his head on the ceiling. Brett's plan had worked he laughed everyone did. He opened the cap of his bottle and poured it all over his teacher.

He walked out of the classroom and was about to leave school until his principle approached him and said that the reasons they were expelling him weren't right because people had done way worse things. Brett turned back and saw Mr. Whitehead come out of his classroom drenched. He didn't care that they were giving him another chance he ran as fast as he could back home and said to himself that he was never going back there again.

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