Monday, 21 August 2017

Image result for black cupcakesLITTLE RED RIDING HOOD

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called little red riding hood she was a really unhappy and moody little girl. She had blond hair like the sun and blue eyes like the sea.                 
She did not want to be part of anything or anyone at her house

On the other hand, her happy bubbly mum would always try to get her out of the house and go see her grammar.

But no little red riding hood was not taking a bar of it she screamed at her mum and slammed the wooden door right in her face.

The little red riding hood went off to bed.
she wakes up and starts to panic thinking of all the things she just saw in her dream she keeps telling herself it's just a dream go back to sleep it’s a dream 
So she lays back down on her white fluffy pillow.

But then she sees it all again this time she can not snap out of it.
Seeing thing like her world dying around her because she was never out of her room.

She wakes up drenched from head to toe with sweat, she runs down the stairs leaving a trail of sweat drops behind her she grabs her black nightgown and starts to run for the big wooden door.
Image result for Little Red Riding HoodHer mum says “Where are you going, love?”   
“To grandmas house” 
 “Take some of these black forest cupcakes to your very very sick grandma” “ it will make her get better” 

Ok then see you mum but what little red riding hood did not know is that her mum turned evil on all of them because she was sick to death of looking after little red riding hood and looking after her sick grandma

So the mum was up early making some cupcakes when she had an idea to put poison in the cupcakes and in minutes anyone that ate the cupcake was dead.

So off went little red riding hood to her granny's place half way along her stomach starts to turn and rumble sending messages to her brain I'm hungry I'm hungry
Ding a naughty thought just went off in her brain cupcake I am sure
 that granny will not mind if I eat one of these black forest cupcakes
As she reached for her black Santen Brecht she pulls out a cupcake and puts it up to her mouth bang out of nowhere a wolf pushes her to the ground and takes the black forest cupcake out of her hand before she could take a bit then the wolf laughs at her and takes a bite little red riding hood was not finding it amusing and got up. But then the wolf starts to fall and lay on the ground for a while little red riding hood just was looking at him  then she rilles he is dead she pick the cupcake up off the ground and looks at it poof it disintegrated in her hand she realise what happened and though all that cupcakes at the tree and run when seeing was runny she took a glass be hidden her and saw all the tree were gone 

Finally, she reached her granny's place and told her what her mum did so the granny called the hates men and he came rushing through the door and said what has happened.

Then the granny explained what had happened so the huts man quickly ran back through the dead forest to go and see Little red riding hood’s mum. 

As the huntsmen men reach the house where Little red riding hoods mum was sitting there in the dark shadowy corner laughing every. 
The huntsman approaches the dark corner and says 
     “Come with me we have things to sort out”

The mum crawls out of the corner and say ok 
Image result for Little Red Riding Hood“ Come join me we will have some of these yummy black forest cupcakes I made this morning for my sick mother”

But what the mum did not know is that the huntsmen men knew that the cupcakes had poison in them.
They go and sit down the mum bring the cupcakes out and give one to him 
The huntsmen men stood up and rubbed it in her face 

Before you could say a word the mum was disintegrating into thin ear and was ash on the ground 

When the huntsman got back to the cottage where little red riding hoods grandma lived he told her what had happened and said go pack your things you are now living with your grandma.


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