Friday, 22 September 2017

Liam’s game
“Bang, boom, shoot, the new game is out for a limited time only”! said the television ad.
Liam the only red headed person in his family was so excited to get the new game. His bright blue pants shot up with the rest of his body in excitement. Liam couldn't wait for his new shirt that he pre-ordered when (Volt III) the game came out. Liam went to his Mum and Dads room, and did a huge jump onto their bed with excitement he yelled “MUM, DAD the new game is out Volt III, that I have been saving up for ever since Volt II came out, when can we go to get the game mum”? Liam asked. His mum and dad with there sleepy, drooly mouths said “Liam its 3 o'clock in the morning go back to sleep” said his Mum and Dad angrly.

He knew that he couldn't sleep knowing that the game just came out.
He was counting down the hours from 3:00 o’clock to 9:00 o’clock when they leave. Liam wanted to pass the time, so he went on tubeyou and downloaded heaps of gameplays of his new game. (Volt III)
`(Much time passed)
It was now 8:00 o’clock and liam's alarm went off. The alarm was very loud like a siren from a fire truck, so it also woke his mum and dad up to. The whole family went to the kitchen to watch there morning program and eat their breakfast when the craziest ad on tv came on.
“Bang, boom, shoot only 48 hours until the limited time Volt III is getting canceled better get in quick”.
Image result for breakfast porridgeLiam told his family “this is what I asked for last night we need to get it fast” his family quickly ate there golden crispy oats with there cold milk, and sugar, and was off on their adventure. In the car his mum told him “that it is 7 hours away to get the game so we will stop off at a camp ground about 6 hours away. Sit tight honey”
(Hours pass)
Liam asked his Mum “how much longer i'm hungry and I want to go to the bathroom”? “We are 30 minutes away from the campground, if you tell me how long we have been traveling for, then we will stop at a cafe deal”? said Liam's Mum “We have been traveling for 5 hours and 30 minutes mum” said liam “Correct” said his Dad.
They stopped off at a near by cafe and got a bite to eat, Liam used the bathroom to, there was free wifi in the store and liam downloaded some videos about his new game (Volt III)
Liam, and his family jumped in to the car and went off to their destination, Liam watched some videos to buy some time.
(30 more minutes passed)
They arrived at their destination. It was 5 o’clock when they got there and heaps of Liam’s friends from school were there, they were all there for the same reason that Liam was, to get the game.

Liam and his family went out for dinner that night. At Liam’s favorite restaurant, called StarLone, they had heaps of rib’s there and ate them all up. Liam and his family was walking back to the camp, on foot. While they were walking home they saw a awesome police chase a, criminal on a skateboard , and police on foot. The criminal stole a lady's purse and ran off with it.
Liam and his family got to the camp ground room, safe and sound.
They all put their things on there bed and went to sleep.
Image result for phone alarm“Zzzzzzzzzzz” Loudly snored liams mum.
“Beep, Beep, Beep” went liam's phone, to wake him up.
He first woke up his mum, “mum MUM, MUM IT'S THE MORNING” Roared liam very loudly.
His dad woke up over liam's very loud mouth.
Liam knew that he had to run to the car, because it was a hour drive  and only 4 hours left till they are sold out.
Liam got all of his clothes on, his shoes and bolted for the car on the way to the car liam and his family stopped and just steared at the car. The whole car was up in flames, it was like setting fire to a bush.
Then BOOM! All of liam’s family got flung back from the powerful explosion. Liam and his whole family was guttered, not so much about the car but about the game. Liam’s whole family was rich and didn't really care about car’s but the thing that they did care about was that the game is getting sold out. Liam knew that he couldn't get there in time he laid on the hard muddy ground and cried his tears game out faster than the titanic sunk.

Everyone came out of there little house’s after hearing world war 2 (Liams crying) and yelled what is the problem here?
Image result for tree crushing carLiam’s friends came out and felt sorry for him knowing that he can't get the new best game that he was saving for.
Liam’s best friend Jordan, begged his mum (Sally) if the family can ride in there car to get the game.
Jordan’s mum didn't like Liam because of all the things that he has done in the past “NO WAY” Said Jordans mum.
So Jordan did what he is best for, begging he got on his knees and begged “PLEASE MUM PLEASE I HAVE NO BROTHERS OR SISTERS OR ANYTHING AND I'M TRAPPED HERE IN THE CAR WITH NOTHING TO DO”
Jordan’s mum felt super sorry for Liam. “FINE he can come” Said Jordan’s mum with a sad look on her face.
Sally went to Liam and his family and asked if they wanted a ride to get the game. “Do you need a ride to get the game Liam because we will take you and your family then drop you back off home”
Liam was so excited because he thought that was a great idea
So Jordan and Liam did again what they were made for and begged
“PLEASE O PLEASE MUM PLEASE O PLEASE” Liam’s mum said of course that you so much sally that's really nice of you.

Sally got in the car with Liam’s family and drove off to the shop they both got one game each, and left back home.

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