Sunday, 27 August 2017

Journal entry

Alex made it to a prison he saw the cell that he got held in he then. Saw five men each with weird names they started to attack him and all started to say things in arabic to confuse him. Alex started to grab a barrel cactus and some rope tied it together then fended them off. But then out of nowhere he heard a rifle shot he thought he had just been shot but since he has a bad accuracy he shot his teammate in the leg. Alex then swung the barrel cactus at the guy that shot the rifle and it hit him straight in the leg> He then grabbed the gun and saw that two others were charging at him he fended them off because they had no weapon he then heard him charging at him with a knife but alex did not know it but the gun was loaded he tried to fire a fake warning shot but it just pierced his heart and he fell to the ground bleeding and died the two guys pledged that they would not do anything bad anymore but then the main bad guy took the gun from alex and taunted him.

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