Sunday, 27 August 2017

journal entry 7

These past 5 chapters have been very intricate. Faith had had a vision on the plant and ended up sleeping at the cave till 5am. This made me jump, the suspense was real, I really felt as if I was in Faiths shoes.
There was a lot  of bad things that happened. And when Faith found out that her uncle was apart of the scandal of the death of her father she freaked. I knew somebody in her family would be apart of it, but did not think that it would be her uncle miles.

Right there
  • Where did Faith find the tree?
Think and search
  • Where is the gun?
Author and me
  • Who is the author?
On my own

  • Why did Faiths uncle Miles decide that killing her father would be a good idea.

Text to Text
Text to Self
Text to World
In the book Myrtle and Miles, Faith's mum and uncle aka myrtle brother. Were found fighting over something little, and useless, to what other people thought. Just like in other books, brothers and sisters usually fight in many other times.
When faith's father was killed hanging by the tree, people thought he had ended his own life. Just like when my Grandad was walking the park on day, he found a dead man hanging from a tree, in totara park, where he had ended his life, just like Faith's father, had been thought to have done.
In the world many people fake theirs finds, just as Faith's father had, when Faith discovered that all his finds were fake, and that's why people were so against him on vain. And thats why somebody, or some people decide to murder him, and leave it a mystery.
In the next chapter I Predict that Faith will hold her new suspects captive. Because she finds out that one of them was the murderer. By the vision she has, when she eats the fruit of the lie tree.
I predict that she will cut it down to 2 people, but I don’t think she will find her man yet. Because I think the man will be in the next chapter. Because I think they will leave it on a cliffhanger, as usual.
I think this because of what happened in the last chapter, and by the title headings for the next few chapters of the book.

In these 5 chapters Faith witnessed a brutal fight with Faiths uncle (miles, otherwise known as her mums brother). And her mother. Her uncle was a selfish man, and told myrtle (Faith's mother) that she ought to give him all her money, so he could keep it safe. Of course he was being sarcastic, so he could take the money for himself. He also asked for Faith's father's books and foundlings. Which she kept hidden with her father's pet snake. And only her mother knew that she had them.
In another part of the story Faith, finds somebody rummaging around in her father's office. One of the little boys (her age) from town was in her father's office, looking for her father's hair, because of a dare. Faith found herself face to face with the boy, and question him over many things. Forcing him to help her out with her father murderer, and telling him about the tree. Giving him a part of her father's hair, he kept the secret, and promised to help her. Faith kept saying that they would never be friends though, just acquaintances.

Faith also traveled on a boat, to the cave, where she kept her father's tree. She had hoped for a blooming flower. But got a fruit. She put it into her mouth, and took a large bite. She was given a vision. About her father. She had found out that in that vision that her uncle was apart of the scheme, to kill her father. Although she still didn’t know who did it. She found herself in the cave at 5am in the morning after the vision. And quickly rowed home, almost setting herself on fire.
Faith brang him uncle into question and he admitted, that he was part of it, and was relieved that Faith didn’t look very worried about him. Soon after Faith invited Dr. Jacklers around for tea, as a sorry letter to him. (which he didn’t deserve at all) his plan overall though was to make him jealous, and kind of force him to invite her as the notetaker in his next scandal.

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