Sunday, 27 August 2017

Journal entry 6

Thomas and Alby wanted to go into the maze to find a way out but they still failed. I think Thomas is really close to finding a way out but he just hasn’t found the right clues yet. Maybe in the next chapter they’ll find a way out.

Right there - Why didn’t Thomas find the correct clues?
Think and search - Where is the girl's family?
Author and me - what happened to Greenie in this Chapter?

On my own - Why was Thomas afraid of going into the maze?
Re - Prediction:
My prediction was mainly correct because I predicted that he would get close to finding out a way out and the girl would tell him about his past life.
I predict that in the next chapter Thomas and the boys will find more clues to the way out and that they’ll met more Grievers.


Text to self
Text to world
I can connect to Thomas because he has many decisions to make like I have to do sometimes.
In this chapter the world has a connection with it. This is because in life you have to fight to survive. Life is like getting lost in a maze because you have to find ways to stay alive.


Thomas and Alby made it through the first bit of the maze they found may clues but towards the end they failed and returned back to the other boys with nothing else to lose. The girl that had been in the coma told the boys who she was, she had known a little bit about Thomas and she was very eager to tell him about it.
The boys found out that her name was Teresa because when she had woken up from the coma she’d told them. Thomas was soon to find out more about his past life and he was very intrigued to know about it.

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