Sunday, 27 August 2017

Journal Entry 2 Summary (Enemy Above)

Anton and Bubbe are fleeing from their hiding spots and Anton keeps hearing a loud squeaking noise coming from somewhere but he decided to ignore it. As Anton and Bubbe moved on the sound grew louder, and louder until they saw a wagon which was getting carried by horses. Anton was tempted to shout out but he then realised it would alarm everyone and they would have died. But under one the men's voices they heard mother. Then Anton and Bubbe said Uncle Dmitri. The wagon stopped and both of the men hopped off and saw Anton and Bubbe. Anton helped Bubbe walk toward the wagon. Then the two men helped Bubbe get onto the wagon, Anton and the other man Sergi were sitting on the bags of food Sergi owned.
Uncle Dmitri halted to a stop because they were at their shelter. Dmitri hopped off and walked Bubbe over to the shelter and Anton followed while Sergi watched the cart. They got to the shelter and then Dmitri lit a light so they could see all of the Jews in the cave. Dmitri signaled some men to go and collect the food for everyone. Dmitri sat Bubbe down but as soon as he left she stood up and put her arm on Antons shoulder and told him about a boy the same age as him was here. So Anton went over to Daniel and they talked. Anton brought up a subject he shouldn’t have which was “Do you have any family here” Daniel replied “No my Dad left to join the army, my Mother and Sister were taken away in front of my own eyes, because the Germans burnt every single building down, and my Sister wasn’t old enough to run and my Mother wasn’t very fast.”
Then Dmitri came to Daniel and Anton and he gave them a mission which was to find a exit and a source of water, because last time the went out to collect water they had to dump everything so they could run away faster from the Germans. So Anton and Daniel set of on their journey through the tunnels. When they were walking all of the walls and ceiling started to get moist and when all hope was lost Daniel and Anton heard a dripping sound but it was behind some rocks. Daniel said to Anton “You can’t fit” Anton replied “ Yes I can” and handed him the pocket watch Dmitri gave him and said “If I don’t come out in 15 minutes you come and get me. Anton saw some water dripping through some rocks so he moved one and rock after rock he got hit and on the third hit he tried to shout out Daniel but instead he shouted “DAN-” But Anton was lying down with rocks on him at that time.

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