Sunday, 27 August 2017

The long lost

It was an ordinary morning but all was about to go wrong Brett, Bruce, Austin and Lawrence were all on a trail walk down in the forest, they normally go there and hang out so it was not really an unusual place to be. They took one final last turn down the trail and found the place they have all been waiting for, Austin was taking them into the forest to show them the new so called (hang out fort) that Austin made.It was huge, all of us went inside the tree house and looked around it was really decorative. We all wondered around and came across a small bedroom to look around and then all we heard was the door slam shut behind us we were locked in with no body there to help us. We are stuck in the middle of the forest locked inside a small tight bedroom. (HELP US!!!) Lawrence screamed she started to cry and sat down in the corner whimpering, Brett tried to kick the door down but nothing worked because he was not the strongest of kids. 2 hours passed and it was almost dark our parents must be worried sick we have been gone for about 7 hours now, the sun slowly set and now the birds were in bed no longer tweeting then someone burst in Part 1-Part 2 coming soon

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