Thursday, 31 August 2017


In the city of L.A the biggest gaming event of the year was happening. This time around they decided to play the top 3 trending games of the year Fifa, Black Ops 3, and Destiny 2. The two finalist were in game and everyone around the world was watching. It was a draw in both games and they had a fair amount of time left before the games would finish. The security cameras caught two bandits trying to corrupt the whole thing.

They went into the room that had all the wiring and cut each and every wire in half. The games had 5 or 6 minutes remaining one each game when the everything shut down and the whole room went black. Everyone went quite and looked at each other's eyes as thats all they could see. The consoles lit up and everyone went wild like it was a cowboy rally inside. Everyone left the building saving themselves from a bad situation. The only people left in their were the people security guards trying to figure out how the building was lighting up in small places. From camera to camera they switched trying to find the problem. They reached camera 34 when a person jumped at the camera leaving the security guards in shock. All 5 of them went to the room the person was in. As soon as they opened the door the whole building exploded.

They were all dead so there was no trace of proof what had happened that night. 2 days later the gamers came back trying to find the bits and pieces they left behind and they were hoping they could find the trophy to challenge for again. All the finalist were there collecting what they could find. It was pouring down with rain, thunder and lightning but it didn’t bother them they weren’t leaving till they got what they went there to do.Everyone went home and it was just the finalist left. Lightning stuck by one of them he screamed like a girl running away to the other gamers. The boys all got bored so they decided to go home and play games at one of the houses.

The lightning that had struck by the gamer John had struck right into the security guards body. As they left the area the security guard rises from the ground coming back from the dead. All it’s desire was is to eat every living thing in it’s way.While the boys were having a blast at each other's houses. The one security guard was making everybody like him. The boys stepped outside and returned back to the now what they called junkyard. It was awfully quiet but they boys didn’t care they were all having a laugh and making jokes about each others consoles.

When they arrived at the venue again they all couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 100 or more people that had come back to life. They looked over and saw a man get bitten and he turned into on of them instantly. Each one of them liked each other but they all wanted that trophy which had a 100,000 dollar value behind it. They all had the same idea. They decided that they would work together to go find the trophy and then go out on a lim and get the trophy for themselves. They all split up behind cars and dumpsters looking for things that they could use to fight down each of the “people”. There was nothing they weapons were already used of been used to kill some of them before hand by other people. They couldn’t grab them out of them either because all of them were in the middle of the horde. The only things they could use were bits and pieces that had come from the building which were either massive pieces of bricks that were two heavy to carry or there was sharp glass. Half of them picked up glass and the other 3 picked up the smallest pieces of brick that they could find.

They took the slower approach every time one of those creatures would come close to them they would take them out. It just took to long so they decided to go closer to the horde. They realised that all they needed to do was get the trophy and they could run away with it. After getting closer and closer everyone decided that they were just going to run in for the trophy. They each looked each other with an unsure looked on their face. One by one the made excuses that they had to be somewhere. Everyone circled around the horde they couldn’t see anyone since the horde was huge. They saw an opening and all of them went for it. Pushing each of the undead people to the side and out their way hoping nothing bad would happen. In the process both destiny finalist got worried and the undead took them for dinner. Everyone made it to the center where the trophy was.

It was a stand of fifa vs black ops. They were taking so long to go in for the grab that the undead had grabbed each one of the black ops and fifa players leaving only 2 of them. The fifa player grabbed the trophy and ran away from the horde. He was laughing so loudly that the undead got attracted to him and he wasn’t out of the horde yet which meant that all of them just jumped on him leaving him to die after a while. The last man standing grabbed the trophy and ran back home. He couldn’t believe what had just happened to the other people but he wanted the trophy and that's what he had got.

When he was in process of selling the trophy he had realized after a while that it wasn’t getting any bids. He realized that he might be the only one left in the world so was sacrificing the finalist for the trophy really worth it? He carried on for himself for a couple of months finding nobody. He couldn’t be bothered surviving anymore there was nothing fun to do anymore. He punished himself he didn’t move from one place for either water or food which eventually made him die. As he died he had got his first two bids on the trophy.

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