Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Fallout 5

                                          Fallout 5©

Carter wakes up he and wonders were he is he walks around looking at the rotting dead bodies all over the floor he looks through every room he find an elevator and a pc he looks at the computer and it says activate elevator Carter activates the elevator and gets on it takes him outside he sees what's happend everything was destroyed it was like a wasteland buildings were destroyed mutated animals now romed Carter did not know what to do first.

welapoc.jpgCarter saw a town about 2000 miles away he set off on his journey. On his way he found a lone building he started to have flashbacks about his family and were he lived the building was called the red rocket and there was some supplies in there.
whippet.jpgCarter explored the building some more in the bathrooms he found a dog he read the dog tag it said “Hi I’m Dog-meat if i'm without an owner please call 81109872”  but since Carter did not have a phone he could not call the owner even though he/she is probably dead.
stock-vector-push-button-d-red-glossy-metallic-icon-vector-109585862.jpgCarter started to explore the wasteland again he found a town that was medium sized he found a little pub and went inside he met some people got some drinks but at night one shady guy said “I will pay you 1000 dollars if you activate that nuke right there” were he pointed was a giant nuke big enough to blow up the town the shady guy handed Carter a button and told him to get far away.
Carter went far away and pressed the button the town blew up he saw a piece of paper underneath it read”the only way to make the world pure again is to blow yourself up in a secret lab” under neath the writing was 1 number with an x next to it that must've been a coordinate.
Carter said to himself “I will not stop until the world has been purified”.

Carter traveled across the land searching far and wide he looked and found a town he looked inside he found his robot from before the bomb dropped “stay away” the robot said “dont worry im your old owner your name is Cosmog” Carter said.
“Oh thank you master Carter now let’s get going i’ve packed a big lunch but it could be stale”
Firearm-Guns-Sign-K-2849.gifsanctuary-city-3-2-720x480-c.jpgCarter remembered what he had to do so he set back off feeding dog meat some meat.
heavy_explosive_op_armor_mk_3_2015_by_hellmaster6492-d9lc6jo.jpgCarter was on his way minding his own business fighting monsters and robots and he found yet another city he went in but this time it looked a lot nicer and on a sign it said “no guns are to be shot in this city grounds” Carter did not notice he found a shop saying op armour for sale he looked inside and bought the power armour and the gun. Since Carter did not read the sign he decided to destroy the shop so no one else could have the armour to turns out Carter did not listen the shop keeper clearly said “this is the last armour they own”.
Carter went crazy and destroyed the whole city a dead guy dropped a piece of paper it had the last coordinates.Image result for hole
he found a hole with a ladder going down Carter headed down the ladder when he was down he looked around he saw something charging at him he saw it was a ghoul but just before it touched him it fell to the ground bleeding Carter looked up again he saw someone “is it you”the mysterious person said
“Its me? Im Carter”Carter said
“Oh my gosh it’s you Carter i'm your father”
Carter looked at him in shock “what are you doing here”Carter said
“I'm here to purify the world from this wasteland” Father said sadly
Carter said “please no don't do this I will do it instead”
But it was to late once the door is shut it stays shut for around 1000 years.

Carter ran out and got far away he knew what was going to happen.
Carter then saw a explosion come out from the hole grass began to grow mutants became human well most of them…

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