Sunday, 27 August 2017

Chapter 5-8 Summary (Scorch Trials)

In chapters 5-8 Thomas wants to find out more about this Aris kid and find some useful information that will help him find Teresa. Aris didn’t want to speak because he was promised that they would tell something about themselves before they carried on asking questions. Newt had explained everything about them and how they had ended up there. Aris was about to talk but Newt had seen a black line on his neck following into his t-shirt. He asked Arias to turn around so they could get a closer look at what the black line was. Thomas was the first to approach and what he saw he couldn’t believe it. On Aris’s back was tattooed Property of WICKED. Group B, Subject B1. The Partner.  Thomas was shocked he felt like he was talking to a betrayer the whole time. Aris had no idea what was going on so he decided to in the bathroom and check what was written on his back. He shouted at everyone from the bathroom as soon as he saw it. “I didn’t have this when I came here I swear I didn’t even have it yesterday before I went to bed”.  When Aris was shouting Thomas had seen the same black line on his friend Newt. He looked at everyone and each of them had the same black mark. All of them were the property of wicked. Thomas thought that he would be the only one not to have one but he made Newt check just incase.  He aswell had the same thing written on his neck. After they had all examined each other's necks to see what each one said a loud alarm started going off. Their door had slammed shut and they couldn’t open it the alarm went off for another 20 minutes until it finally stopped and they could open the door again. They all stepped outside and realised that all the bodies were gone and the horrible sent with it. They all stepped back into the room and couldn’t believe what they saw. But afterwards the sign had changed and instead of Teresa’s name it had Arias’s name on  it. Thomas then closed his eyes trying to contact Teresa but this time he was speaking to someone but that person didn’t know who on earth he was.

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