Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Bobby Jones was in the middle of his breakfast and got a mysterious phone call. He picked up the phone with confusion, the person on the other end answered…
“Bobby, It's me Dave, Is it okay if we have a meeting with the crew today.”
Bobby replied “Yeah, sure, but not too long cause I'm still in the middle of my flippin’ breakfast.” Half and hour passed and someone knocked on the door, it was Dave. There was no one else behind them because every other mission they had done killed off most of the crew. They used to be called “the special crew” with the F.B.I. It was just Bobby and Dave. Bobby enabled their blast shields around his house so no one could get in. They had a talk about what Donald Trump had told the world…

Dave is telling Bobby about Trump, “Trump got really angus after the fake news got out of hand, he tried to stop it himself.” It was up to those too to stop him.
Dave was finishing the last of his toast when he said “Do we have to fly over to America.”.
“No” replied Dave sarcastically. They both hopped onto a plane and flew all the way to The United States of America.

Bobby and Dave arrived in Boston, USA. Donald Trump was waiting their arrival. It was 
a dramatic scene, “It's too late Dave, I've about to set off the…” and a massive explosion instantly happened. Far in the distance, a ginormous, dark, puffy cloud was rising from the ground.  A helicopter landed and took Trump to his headquarters somewhere in Washington. The cloud of smoke seeped past Bobby’s surroundings, pushing him back hard against the concrete. Then Bobby stood up, looking around and buildings were destroyed. Dave thought about all those innocent people dying because of trump.. Bobby couldn't believe what Trump had done and said to Dave, “WE ARE TOO LATE” 
“Yeah, *cough* I know that.” replied Dave.
Bobby and Dave spent hours trying to find survivors around the explosion. They found 1 guy, Edif, said all the people were in a underground base, safe and sound. Edif then added on “YOU MUST ASSASSINATE HIM!”
“Could we assassinate him?”
“Nah, that will be a bad idea.”

Bobby and Dave were on their way to assassinate TRUMP in AFRICA, stopped off to the Pentagon to grab some weapons. Dave found out their was a parade in front of Trump’s headquarters. Dave and Bobby thanked the people the Pentagon and headed of to TRUMP’S HEADQUARTERS. They arrived a couple miles out, they grabbed their gear and moved onward's. Trump’s headquarters was heavily guarded. “The only way to get in is to be immortal” said Dave. Bobby didn't care, he climbed the wall knowing he will be a hero to mankind. Dave waited outside the headquarters, it was heading dark. Dave started to get scared, worried, and said the signal. It was a loud squeal, but that didn't do anything, except alert the guards of his position. Dave was ended up captured by TRUMP’s guards. He was held in a prison with 2 guys guarding it. Bobby came around from the corner and shot the 2, bearded, guys. Dave was saved!

Bobby and Dave snuck around the massive building, trying to find clues when TRUMP would be out in the parade. There was a small door with 4 guys talking about Donald Trump standing on the top of a poorly made statue of him at 2:30 (In half an hour from now). Bobby and Dave knew what they had to do. They searched for the stairways to the roof. Bobby stressed as he sprinted up the stairs. As he reached the roof he could see TRUMP his his statue with hardly any people. Dave set up the M24 sniper rifle for Bobby. If Bobby mucked up this shot, he would fail EVERYONE. He loaded the gun with 1 BULLET. He looked through the scope, holding his finger steady against the trigger. BANG, a shot to Trump's chest had a massive impact and he fell off his statue. 

2 weeks had passed and Bobby visited the explosion in Boston. Some of the buildings were back up and had some people working in them. Later that day, John Cena rang Bobby up and asked him to come over to the Old State House. Dave was waiting there for him, heaps of people sitting on chairs, and 1 person standing up on stage. He was holding some sort of trophy you would get when you try hard at school. It was John Cena, holding a “being a responsible sniper” and “The medal of honor”. Everyone stood up clapped. But, at that moment in time Dave got and unknown call from someone. He answered in confusion “Hello?” Dave said. “It's me, Johnson” It was the people at the pentagon saying that it wasn't over. 
“Hillary had used Trump to get the Nuclear codes, force him set in off in Boston. Now Hillary automatically gets to be president” said Johnson. Dave knew he couldn't stop now, the world was doomed.

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