Thursday, 27 July 2017

The School Courts

The School Courts
To Reremoana School Support Team,

We need our courts updated, in size and quality. People ruin other people's games because they both are using the same court. Ways to fix? MAKE THE COURT BIGGER! People are slipping over and falling, scraping the skin off their knees leaving a blood red stain on the courts. Ways to fix? MAKE IT AN ALL WEATHER COURT! (ok I may have exaggerated on my second point but you get the idea)

An all weather court is the perfect opportunity to keep our kids safe. Falling over (and scraping the skin off your knees as I mentioned earlier) is a safety hazard. The Reremoana school wide matrix specifically asks you to REPORT hazards. Well, I’m going a step further and making the necessary steps to fix this very bad safety hazard. I would definitely be surprised if someone managed to scrape the skin off their knees on an all weather court.

Making our courts bigger leaves us with 2 problems that we have to solve, how much bigger, and where do we put it. So I think the court's size should double. They should be parallel to the fence and we should put the first entry on the bottom side as seen in the picture below. The second entry should be closest to the gate for a special reason that you will know later.
Courts Upgrade.jpg

Last but not least, how are we going to get the money for this thing? Well, a fence can be put up around the courts with lockable entries. You know when I said about that special reason for the entry by the fence? If we sell entry keys to the court we can get money, people want to get into the school. If you enter the school by the entry seen in the picture above, you would have to walk all the way around!

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