Thursday, 27 July 2017

Journal Entry 1 Summary

First, some people day after day come to get Thomas to do more and more tests on him. Then when he was like 10 years old a man came to get him but this time the man didn’t take him to where thomas usually goes, instead he took him to a different place a couple stories high and was just about to take him into a room when another kid down the hall burst out of a room shouting at him to not go in there because they do stuff to you. But the guy who was escorting him told him that he was just having side effects of the drugs that he was being given, so Thomas went into the room and once he was in there the guy told him what they were going to be doing and what they were doing was putting these little devices to make it easier for the people who have been doing the tests to track how he's been doing instead of having be tested day after day. A couple days after they had done the surgery putting this device into his head began to go to classes just like at school except he would always be on his own. Then one day a guy came and got Thomas and told him that the had a big surprise in store for him, so he followed the guy into a room where Thomas saw a girl sitting in front of a big desk. The guy sat Thomas down in his chair and left the two alone to talk for a while. Then the guy came back in and got the two and took them back to their rooms and repeated their everyday routine,  and every once in while the two would get to see each other again.

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