Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bridge to Terabithia --- Writing Tasks

Chapter 1-2 - Writing Task :

Welcome Wagon :
Welcome to Reremoana Primary school.
We, the students, are very proud to be attending this school that supports all of our learning. We have a very good fitness program the our Teachers run. I was in the Kereru Team in 2016, and now I am in the same team for 2017. Our fitness program is great for us because it includes this like,
  • 100km Club ( every Monday we run a course that is 1km, and we have to run as many time around the course as we can between 10:30 - 10: 55 or 11: 00. And we have to try and get 100km by the end of the year. )
  • The Beep Test
  • Fitness Rotation ( In the groups A, B, C, D we have a different activity each day. Timetable on next Slide. )
  • Team Sports ( In our groups A1 - A2, B1 - B2, C1 - C2, D1 - D2, every Tuesday afternoon we go against another team and play a game. The games are Soccer, Netball, Kia Rahi or Volleyball. )
We also have lots of more amazing things going on in this school, so welcome to Reremoana, and thank you for joining our big happy family!

Chapter 3-4 - Writing Task :

Think of a place you can turn into your own “Terabithia”.
My own Terabithia? My own Terabithia would have to be in the big Oak bottle tree, in the backyard of my old house. I would climb a big piece of rope to get into the tree. I would be able to look at all the things below me and imagine magical creatures, read and draw. I would be able to talk to myself freely, sing and do my own thing.

Chapter 5-7 - Writing Task :

What does Easter mean to me ?

Easter doesn’t exactly have a meaning to me because I am not Christian. So it has no meaning to me, it is just a time when people get chocolate, while still believing in the Easter Bunny ( which I don’t ) and playing fun games and things like that.

Chapter 8 - Writing Task :

Advantages of having a Puppy ( Dog ) :
  • You can learn to be Responsible,
  • They will keep you active,
  • They will have a positive effect on your family,
  • They can be your best friend, so you don’t get depressed or lonely.
  • The can be protective, and can bark really loudly to warn you of something.
  • Dogs are loyal to their owners.
  • They are fun to play with
Disadvantages  of having a Puppy ( Dog ) :
  • You have to spare time for the dog,
  • You will need to ask someone to look after your dog if you go away,
  • You would need to train they to do and not to do some things,
  • You will need to buy food for you dog,
Which list is longer? :  the Advantages list

Why? : Probably because lots of people live with dogs, and have found out some positive effects on themselves and their family, and have told others about it and then they have gone and gotten pets for their families and it probably just keeps going. But there are probably less people who don’t like dogs and more people who like dogs.

Chapter 9-11 - Writing Task :

Dear Leslie,
Thank you for being a kind person to me ( unlike my brother ), thanks for the christmas present ( The Paper Dolls ) and for being my Brothers friend. I’m glad that we spent that the time that we did with you, because you have a heart of pure gold. You're beautiful, smart, kind, funny and a very good friend. I hope you are in Heaven right now ( not Nell,please don’t be in Hell! ). I was shocked to hear the news but I didn’t cry, because I’m strong just like you, Leslie. Thanks for everything.
- From M B. A ( May Belle Aarons )

Chapter 12-13 - Writing Task :

Moving into the old Perkins Place.
Lets just say that my Family moved into the old Perkins Place.
My Family would’ve probably chosen to go there because I was a good house to live in and was a good environment to grow up in. Improvements? We would…
  • Fresh coat of paint,
  • New Furniture,
  • Wash the windows,
  • New accessories.
I definitely would go to Terabithia,  because I love magic and fantasy, and if I found a place where I could be myself, I would go there if it was worth it. Mystery attracts me to things and it is one of the things I love.

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