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Bridge to Terabithia --- Journal Prompts / Writing Tasks

Chapter 1 - Journal Prompt :

Our New Neighbors

Today was a good day. No school, no homework and most of all nothing to ruin my weekend. This morning I woke up, had a shower, put on my loose, lazy clothes and slumped down on the couch. Everything was silent until I heard a " beep, beep, beep, beep ".......noise, I sighed, walked out the door and onto my front yard. Next door had a BIG truck parked in front of it and a navy blue Jeep in the driveway. In front of the house had a sign that said SOLD.
I walked down the pathway and headed next door and over to the person who was rummaging through the boot of the Jeep.
" Um, hello. I'm Quinn, are you our new neighbors? " I asked.
" I'm Nevaeh, and yeah, I'm new. I just moved here with my parents from Jamaica. " said a mumbled voice, because she still had her her face in the boot of the Jeep.
" Do you need some help in there, Nevaeh? "
" No, because I just found what I'm looking for. " as she said that she pulled herself and something else out of the boot. She looked at me with a big,cheery smile. " But thanks for the offer, Quinn. "
She stared at a little statue of a little Fairy.
" Now that I've found what I'm looking for, let's have a proper introduction, okay? "
" Okay! "
" Well, I'm Nevaeh, your new Neighbor, "
" and I'm Quinn your Neighbor. " and we shook hands.
After that she told me she had a big brother named Nick and a baby sister named Sofia, her mums name is Angela and her dad's name is Jim. We became best friends after, I really enjoyed having a new neighbor.

Chapter 2 - Journal Prompt :

The Last time I met someone new was in Term 2 of 2017 at Reremoana Primary School.
This year I was a year 8 and it was my last year at this school, even though I haven't been here for very long. At lunch I sat with my sister and some of her friends( Because I don't have any, really. ), and there sat a Islander girl whom I had never seen before. Her name was Hope and she seemed really nice, but the thing is, she didn't understand english because she only speaks Samoan.
I felt a little sad that she could not understand our language, but now she can learn something new, yay!!
We didn't get along at first, but now we are really good friends, and bit-by-bit she is starting to speak english better, I’m really happy for her, YAY!!

Chapter 3 - Journal Prompt :

The sport I have participated in is soccer.we won basically all of our game except for the last one.

It was 3-0, we were up against a really good team. I ran up to the ball as fast as I could, past it to Rachel and, tried to get free again. We were trying so hard, the ball went back and forth, it was a race against the opposing team and the clock. The ball went form Rachel to the other team, to Camille, she booted it up the line, to Evie, to Johanri, to Ashley. “ Come on!! “ i screamed. People cheered,” Yes!! “ I yelled we finally got a goal!!

Chapter 4 - Journal Prompt :

If I met a new student and he or she ask what game I like to play, I would say that I like to play J-Ball.
How to play J-Ball.
You will need :
  • Volleyball Bet,
  • A Big Ball ( At least the size of a soccer balL. )

First, split yourselves into 2 even teams, determine who stars by rock-paper-scissors.     THe aim of the game is to get the other team out.                                                                                                     You have to throw back and forth over the net.                                                                                                                                                                             You can not catch the ball twice in a row or you’re out, If you drop the ball you’re out, if you throw the ball out, you’re out.                                                                                                                                                   When is get down to one person on a team, they must catch the ball 5 times, and them they are able to pull someone back into the game.

Chapter 5 - Journal Prompt :

If someone tried to bully me I would try to walk away, but if they kept bullying me I would go tell a teacher. I would say “ stop, I don’t like it” or “ Please leave me alone, I don’t like that you are being mean to me “. But if I saw a friend being bullied I would tell them to leave my friend alone because I don’t like it, and I would try to pull my friend away from the bully.

Chapter 6 - Journal Prompt :

Gifts that could be given to someone???
  • A Friend,
  • Love,
  • A Hug,
  • Someone to talk to,
  • Something to laugh about,
  • Someone to play with,
The Five best and Who I would give them to :

  • A Friend : A new student
  • Love : My Family
  • Something to laugh about : Samantha ( My cousin )
  • Someone to talk to : Rebecca
  • A Hug : Zoe

Chapter 7 - Journal Prompt :

Empathy : the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.
Sympathy : harmony of or agreement in feeling, as between persons or on the part of one person with respect to another.
Leslie did show empathy towards Janice even though she was always mean to everyone. She actually found out a thing or two from talking to her, and she also gained a new friend. She did show sympathy because she asked if she was alright and told her not to listen to those mean girls.

Chapter 8-9 - Journal Prompt :

I was walk through the Countryside, while I was daydreaming. Minutes later I snapped out of my daydream as I stumbled and started falling, “ aaaahhh “ I screamed. All I heard was the sound of rushing water because I had unconsciously clamped my eyes shut. But I never fell towards the sound and my wrist was hurting, like someone was holding onto my wrist really tightly. I slowly opened my right eye and saw a young girl with blonde hair holding onto my wrist.
“ Are you trying to get yourself killed?! “ said the young girl struggling to keep me from falling on to the rocks and rushing water.
“ N-no, I-I’m sorry. “ I managed to get out of my shaking throat.
“ JESS! GET OVER HERE AND HELP!! “ She called behind.
“ Leslie?! Whats wro- “ called a the young boy named ‘ Jess ‘ about the same age as the ‘ Leslie ‘. He stopped and gasped when he saw me and Leslie. Suddenly he grabbed my other arm and helped pull me up.
“ T-thanks! “ I said with a still shaky voice.
“ No…...worries! “ Said a gasping Leslie.
“ How did you end up like that, Leslie? “ Said Jess.
“ Oh, I saw her walking and I hid, but then she suddenly fell and I ran over and grabbed her arm just in the nick of time. “ Said Leslie when she got her breath back.
“ I’m glad you called when you did, or I wouldn’t of found you two. By the way, what’s your name? “ said Jess.
“ Oh sorry, my name is Kenna, and you must be...Jess and.. Leslie. If I remember correctly. “ I said pointing to Jess and then to Leslie.
“ Yep, you got it right! “ said the two in unison.
“ Well, since she is already here, lets show her to the ‘ Kingdom ‘ “ said Jess happily.

“ All right, let's go! “
They helped me up and showed me this so called “ Kingdom “ of theirs. Even though it wasn’t exactly a Kingdom, their imagination made it feel so real. I was officially decreed a Knight of  Terabithia. The King ( Jess ), the Queen ( Leslie ( and I had so much fun playing together, we played games with the Guardian and the the other magical creatures of Terabithia and more.
THe Sun was setting and I had to get back home, so we said our goodbyes and I started to walk away. But I stopped and turned around.
“ What Adventure awaits us tomorrow, my Majesties? “ I called out to them, as I bowed politely.
“ A very Magical, and dangerous adventure, our loyal Knight. “ Called Queen Leslie.
They waved to me as I walked away, and back home.

“ I can’t wait for tomorrow. “ I thought to myself happily.

Chapter 10-11 - Journal Prompt :

Yes, I have experienced a loved one of mine dying, and when it comes to death I never exactly want talk about it because it breaks me clean in half. No, I did not have a chance to say goodbye. When we got the phone call, I was calm but my heart was a little cracked but I didn’t end up crying until the funeral and I balled my eyes out while everyone had their straight faces on. I never liked that day, because I HATE funerals because it is “ reality and it tells you that someone is truly gone.
“ The most painful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                goodbyes are the                                                                                                                                                                                                          ones that are                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   never said                                                                                                                                                                                                            and never explained. “

My poppa wasn’t my real Grandfather, he was my nana's 2nd partner but the never got married. He had the Parkinson's so later on he was put into a resting home, and that's the main reason why my family and I moved here, to support her. His Parkinsons just got worse and worse but not to bad, and then in November 2016 he………….died. We had gotten a phone calls the next morning and my nanna broke down in tears, but my sister and I stood strong with sad faces but we didn’t cry.

Chapter 12-13 - Journal Prompt :

If I lost a close friend of mine, I would probably pray for them, and make something special that symbolises them in their own unique way. At that moment in time I probobly think about what reprisents and make something that incorporates that thing. And I would probaly make a list and do something special with their names.

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