Sunday, 11 June 2017

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Volleyball is a really fun game to play and really easy too. All you need to do is get a net and a volley ball and you are ready too start.

First you to get your teams that you want to be in, there are two teams. Then when you have your teams you can pick your colour that you want to be then once you have your teams you are ready to start.

Image result for volleyballNow you go on each sides and serve the ball but if the ball touches the net the other team will get the point . Then when the ball comes to you you get both of your hands and push it up over the net to the other team and if they drop the ball then you get the point.

When you start to get the hang of it you will become really good at volley ball and it will become your new favorite game to play at lunch time, sports time, or in your own time at home but you will need to get your friends to come around and play with you.

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