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Image result for monopolyMonopoly has many different factors that are fun. It takes long to finish but that good on rainy days and when you just want to play a fun board game. If you and your family don’t have a monopoly game you should definitely get one today and play a game. There are lots of cool thing that goes on in the game of monopoly like going to jail, getting free parking and buying lots of properties and you could also put house or hotels on it.      

You should play monopoly because it is super fun and a good board game. It is a good family board game because you can spend time with your family. It would be a good time to bond with you family when play monopoly. There are many different types of monopoly such as the original, monopoly empire and much more. You can even get competitive with your family like saying i’m going to win. When you start playing with your family it takes a little while to finish the whole game because you stop when someone goes broke or you give up.

How to play monopoly, in monopoly there are not that much rules some of the basic ones are you have to go to jail if you land on it, have to pay tax and have to have the right amount of money to buy that thing.  Each player will pick a Pisces to play with for the rest of the game. When you have decided who is going to start you roll the two dice and move forward as much times as the number on the dice. On the first lap around the board you can’t buy anything, but you can collect the chance and community chest. Once you pass go you collect 200k and then the next round you can buy thing. When you land on properties and you have enough money to buy that property you say to the banker I would like to buy that, then you give them the money and they give you the property card and you keep playing. When someone lands on that property you have to say to them that’s my property and they have to pay you. Each property ranges greatly  in prices.                              

Some of the good things in monopoly are sending people to jail, free parking, take a chance, community chest, passing go and much more. There is a square on the board that says go to jail that means when you land on that you have to go to jail if anyone lands on you property they don’t have to pay you because you’re in jail. Free parking is another square on the board that says free parking all they money that people land on taxes goes into the middle of the board and when someone lands on free parking they get all that money in the middle. Take a chance and community chest are kid of the same thing when you land on either of them you get to pick up a card that's say you won a get out of jail free card or you won a million dollars. When you pass go you get 200k each time you pass.         

Now that you know all the fun you could have playing monopoly with your family and friends why don’t you give it a try, because it’s great family bonding time, it’s fun and it has lots of cool features.

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