Saturday, 17 June 2017

Image result for netball black and whiteNetball is great and is a fun way to keep fit and to have lots of fun with your friends. Netball can help you with many things and it can help you learn new skills and moves every time you play a game or you practice.

Image result for netball hoopFirstly, when you are playing netball you will always need to start with the ball in the centre of the court so there will be a little circle in the middle of the court and that is were the ball will start. when you are wanting to shoot you will always need the ball in the shooting circle so that the GA or GS can put the ball in the hoop.

Image result for netball ballSecondly, when you play a netball game you always need 7 players to be on the court at all times, the games is made out of 4 10 minuet quarters. You need to figure out what position you want to play if it is shooter and you don't want to do so much running I would go for goal shoot (GS) and if you want to do more running I would go for goal attack (GA). If you are more a mid court player I would say go for centre (C) or wing attack (WA) and then if you are a defender you would either go for wing defence (WD) or you would go for goal defence (GD) or for goal keep (GK).
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Thirdly, you are probably wondering were can my position go up to well lets start with (C) the centre can go any were apart from the two goal cilcles where the (GS) and the (GK) are standing. The (GS) and the (GK) can only go up the the line were the (WA, WD, GA and GD) are standing. If you are a (GA) (GD) (WA) or a (WD) then they can only go into the goal third and the centre third but the (GA) and the (GD)can go into the shooting circle to help the (GS) out with the shooting.

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