Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to play Monopoly

Monopoly is a very old game that was produced and released by the Parker brothers in the year 1935, that is 82 years ago as of 2017 ! The game of monopoly is a very well know world wide game that is produced in 47 different languages and is sold in 114 countries worldwide. The original monopoly game was sold for about two dollars, and is now worth about three hundred and eighty dollars. The original game has 18 moving pieces to chose from so you don’t need to worry about not getting the piece you wanted.

The aim of the game is to win by buying, selling and renting out properties as well as getting money from taxes that people have to pay you. You have to do all of this WHILE trying not to go bankrupt, there is not a way to cheat in this game so when you play it with your family; you don't have to worry about them cheating. First of all you have to (like any other board game) ROLL THE DICE, after you have rolled the dice you have to look at the side that is facing up and count how many squares it has on it (if you don't know how to count from 1-6 i feel sorry for you), you will then have to move your piece how many squares the Dice read. When you have landed, you check the square you're on.

If you landed on a question mark you can pick up one of the mystery cards. Now, these mystery cards can go either way, they could either screw the entire game up for you OR they can give you all the money in the world. If you landed on a chest; that means you can pick up a community chest card, this is the same with the mystery card, it can go either way but just in real life situations. If you have a property; it will give you something like ‘Your house has a leak in it, you have to pay the plumber $60’ or ‘Your clothing has been awarded best rainbow shirt in the world ! You have been paid $60 :D’. If you landed on a property; you have the option to buy it at full price or put it up for auction (not buying it). Buying a property gives you the power of renting out your property, if people land on it they have to pay you as much money as it says on the card you will be given.

The next and last thing you will need is a TRUSTWORTHY banker, the banker's job is to basically manage all the money that goes into buying properties and companies. The reason you need to have a TRUSTWORTHY banker is because of the money they handle, bankers have the option to play as well as bank the money so they could end up sneaking money to themselves and their friends. If you buy a property, the banker gets the money that you put into it, same with the companies and rent you owe people.

This is a great game for real life situations, life could be hard for some people and life can be really easy for some other people. Part of life is money management, you have to be smart with money. Kids that play this game are probably not going to be that good at it, the reason being that kids are not really that experienced with big amounts of money. Still the game being a competitive game, it is all a fun game that you can play with your family and I definitely recommend this game.

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