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How to play hockey

How to play hockey

Image result for field hockeyWhat is hockey, how do you play and what things do you need to to play hockey. If you keep reading my writing you will find out all of these stuff and more. A bit about hockey I it a game that is play on a sand or water based turf. You have lots of fun running around hitting the ball and scoring goals.

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First if you want to play you have to know the rules there are not that many and you learn very fast. There is a foot rule when you are playing and someone hits the ball into your foot you leave the ball and go back but always play to the whistle. If the ball hits someone's foot in the circle it is a P.C that's when your whole team goes to half way excepted four chosen people they stand and mark the goal with the goalkeeper or you run up and charge the ball. The second rule is your stick height if you are next to other players and you swing at the ball you could accidently hit someone in the mouth and smash all their teeth out you don’t want to do this because you will get sent off the field and may injure a player around you. Third rules is don’t raise the ball the ball is like a rock amgin that being smashed into your gut. It happens but don’t try to do it.

In hockey you need equipment to play. You need a hockey stick for hitting the ball trapping the ball and defending. The second thing is a mouth guard for protecting your teeth and keeping you safe. The third thing is closed in shoes you need closed shoes because if the ball does hit your feet it won’t hurt as much and you just should have shoes for every sport. The fourth thing is shin guards for protecting your shins. Something that you need as well long socks, ball and a water bottle.

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In hockey there are lots of positions there are goalkeeper, backs, midfield and forwards. In our team there are three backs and a goalkeeper those names are left back, right back and centre back. In the midfield there are left mid, right mid, centre mid and the wings. In the forwards there are right forward, left forward and centre forward. By having all of this you should be fine if all your backs are new you could have four at the back instead of having three at the front.

So now you have read my piece of writing and thinking hockey is so much better than the sport you’re playing why don't you give hockey a try because they are not that rules, you don't need that much equipment and there is heaps of fun positions to play. So now it's what you think.

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