Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to play chess?
If you are bored and you having nothing to do then try a board game. There are many board games around but chess is a great one and i'll teach you how to play first of all where can you play it?

Image result for chessYou can play chess pretty much anywhere all you need is a board, players, and friends/challenges. You can play it with friends, challenges, or even the computer chess is a game where you can play anywhere because it's also on your phone.
Chess is a two player game, there are three player chess but it's not the one you are reading about.
Chess has to be two players because there are two colors white and black. White and Black fight to the death trying to get the king and make sure he can't move (Put him in checkmate)
The three player chess can be red, white, and black or white, white, and black or even black, black, and white. Three player chess is a lot harder then two player but in my opinion I think multiplayer is better

How the pieces work?
The pieces are kind of hard to remember all pieces are unique with their moving, just like the pawn, the pawn is the worst piece on the board because it can only move one step each turn or at the start of the turn it can take two steps.
If you get the pawn to the end it can turn into any player you want this making the pawn very effective in the game.
Another piece is called the rook, the rook can move any space forward it wants or any way sideways but can't go diagonal or jump over players.
The rook is very different to the bishop the rook and the bishop are the opposite from each other, because the bishop can move diagonally and not straight or sideways this being opposite to the rook.
We are getting to my favourite piece the queen the queen is the best piece on the board, because it is like the rook and the bishop, it can move diagonally, straight, and sideways this being super effective against the opponent's pieces.
Now the knight, the knight is very unique because it can jump over players and go in a (L) shape it can move 2 spaces forward and one space left or right this making it a special piece.
Image result for how the knight moves in chessThe last piece that you will come against is your king, the king it your one way to win the game as soon as that is dead you lose the game, but the worst thing about this piece is that it can only move like the queen but one move instead of how many you want making this piece a terrible piece

Fast chess and slow chess what is this?
Fast chess is this game where you are planing with one other player and there is this box every time you make a move you hit it and your time does not run out,
You get five minutes to play as soon as time is up then you are out.
Image result for fast chess and slow chessSlow chess is much better because you can think of what move you want to do and reflect if your pieces are in trouble you can easily defend that unlike fast chess where it is hard to make a move to defend something because you don't want to run out of time

This is how you play chess you read how you can play with other people, how to play and what the pieces do, and the different from slow chess and fast chess.  

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