Thursday, 1 June 2017

Image result for chess boardHave you ever played a game of chess. Chess is a good and fun board game that you can play with you friends. Chess is a really fun game but you need to have all the pieces because without them then you can not play. A big thing in chess id that you have fun because it is a game that you need to be quit when you are playing but it should be really fun in your head when going against you friend.

Image result for chess piecesFor chess you can play with you friends and you can have lots of fun even though it is a quite game. With it being a quite game you can think but if you and your friends are talking then it will be a long game. Chess is a really fun game even though you have to concentrate lots because you are able to beat your friends and have little games. Chess is a simple games to play because you just need to know what the pieces can do then you will be able to do anything in the game and you just need to get better.

Image result for chess playedChess is a cheap game to set up but really good. Chess is a good and cheap game to have because you can buy the board and pieces for cheap of many web sites such as The warehouse, The Chess Store, and Chess bazaar. The board is a really easy to set up once you have the pieces you need to put them in the right place then you have the board ready to play. The pieces that you need will be the : 2 horses, 2 bishops, 2 rooks,x 1 king, 1 queen, and 8 pawns each side of the board, but the main ones are the queen and king the king you need to protect and trap but the queen is your best player on the board so if you get the opponents then it will be easier.

Image result for king chess pieceChess is a really big game and you can go to many torments of cheeses but the main thing is practice so you can go to challenges to get your skills. With challenges you can create your own and do them with your friends.chess also has many tournament son with how big it is they are hosted all of the world for the older and the younger people so it is a really good community.

Chess is a really fun game and is really big around the world you can play with your friends and have many laughs but also be quiet and concentrate. Chess is a cheap game and don't forget that you can buy a board for as cheap as $10.00 dollars. With chess being one of the biggest game sports in the world then you can go to many tournaments and make as many challenges as you want at schools and with your mates.

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