Thursday, 18 May 2017

Writing Write to Explain

How ordering school lunches might save your day.

School lunches are usually often bought if someone is in a rush and need lunch fast, or just want something for a change of food. Kids bring their lunch and money in the morning and wait for it at lunch.

Ordering lunches are done in the morning. The student brings in their money and an envelope to bring to and put in lunch order box. On the envelope, it must say you're name, room number, what you want to eat, how much it cost, and how much you have. This makes it easy for the lunch lady when she gets you're orders. After you've done that, place it inside the container and wait ‘till lunch time.

Next thing is to wait until lunch time. The lunch monitor will go down to the canteen and retrieve the container with everyone’s lunches and bring back to their class so the students can get their own lunch order. You will receive the envelope you sent and any change you had will be in there. After everything is done, eat you're lunch.

Lunch orders are very simple and convenient. Students are liking the lunch orders at school because it's very easy. If kids are late to school they will always get a lunch order.

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