Thursday, 4 May 2017

Writing Task

You will be joining us on our Reremoana school journey. When you get here you should be expecting a lot of opportunities coming your way as Reremoana brings you  many opportunities in both sport and learning. You will easily fit into this school because there will always be someone to help the new kid or play with him. THrough that kid who looked after you their friends become yours aswell which means you will basically never be alone. So don’t be worried about anything at our school. Even the teachers are cool they make jokes make people laugh all the time and unlike other schools learning at Reremoana is very unlikely to be boring. The only problem if there’s just a few bits of rubbish left around at morning tea and lunch but they are always picked up which makes the area look clean and back to the way it was before looking good. You will not find rubbish anywhere else on the school it’s very clean and you can enjoy yourself not worrying about it. The sports that go around at lunch and morning tea you have and list long of choices that never end. People will include you as well no matter what as some games are meant to just be exploded with people and some of those games just might be for you. The area is very friendly and welcoming you will find that this neighbour hood does do things together and you will realise that once in awhile the community has celebrations where they can get together and celebrate a holiday. It’s so good aswell that the school is a in zone one so that means that more of your friends are likely to stay around you. So please come into this area and school feeling like you're at home because this place is like on big family.

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