Sunday, 7 May 2017

writing task- welcome wagon

Welcome to Reremoana school.

There are many things to do in or out of school, and many people to meet.In wattle downs you never are bored or lonely.

In school:In school we have heaps of activities for all of the kids.We have really good sports teams that compete at places like central counties and counties,we have mosaics, and If you like music we have choir and music lessons .We have lots of learning in the classes and sometimes have competitions.In the seniors we also have language classes  where we learn German,Sign language, Maori, and Mandarin.

We also have our Hockey club and there games are on Friday night ,Netball club with games on Tuesday night , and Basketball that compete after school on  Friday night as well .It is a great place to make new friends.

Out of school:There are so many things that you can do out of school as well.You can go outside and visit the parks ( the blue park, or green park).Maybe you can even go up to the beach next to the green park,what ever you choose you will sure have an amazing time.

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