Sunday, 7 May 2017

Writing Task Bruv

Welcome to our school REREMOANA SCHOOL. This is a guide that you’ll take and you should understand what our school’s about. Our school goes from year 0 to 8, a full primary school so there is enjoyment for everyone.
Sports and Fitness - In reremoana, we take sporting to a whole new level with out-of-school competitions and intense trainings. Hockey, Futsal, Netball, Cricket, Basketball, and more are the famous sports that our lovely students play. The sports and fitness part of our school is really big for our students.
Music - Apart from our sports and fitness, our music program is also very delighting for students who love to be creative.
Learning, Growing, and Succeeding - Our school’s motto. Little kids learn from this and actually try and succeed and going at the best in every subject.
I hope you enjoy your say.

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