Thursday, 4 May 2017

Writing task #1 Bridge to terabithia

So here is Mr Fourie he does all the sports and P.E related stuff all of his opportunities he makes for us are just amazing our school does really well in sports because of Mr Fourie's fitness. Mrs Bailey takes health 4 days of the week with a different group every day. Mrs Notley does all the drama stuff so like J rock and all the jazz behind that. Last but not least Mr Munro who helps out coaching and making sports possible if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had hockey in one of our sports we play. At our school we have quite a few religious people and different diverse people at our school and every is looked at the same way and he or she is treated the same way as everyone else. Here in wattle downs we have 2 parks one is by a duck pond and that one in my opinion is worse than the other one. The other park is at the reserve and lots of people go there because there are lots and lots of shells and that park has more things to play on.

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