Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Who's that

About 12:30PM I was going to my bedroom and I hopped into bed. I heard a loud truck going past so I hopped out of bed to see what was happening. A big truck was parked next door. I was wondering what was happening. I saw some people hop out with furniture. I guess they're moving in.
Image result for whos thatThey look a bit crazy and delusional. I was scared of them when I first saw them. I found out like 7 days after they moved in that the man’s name is George and the ladies name is Shantel. The dad loved to play rugby and the mum loved to play tennis. They had 3 kids name Togo, Max, and Jack. They all looked like 13 or older.

They came all the way from Brazil. They wanted to move here because they wanted to start a new life. Their life in Brazil wasn’t good but they didn’t want to tell us why it wasn’t. They would like to stay in Nz/Auckland for as long as they live.    

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