Thursday, 4 May 2017

Welcome wagon

Welcome wagon 
Welcome to our school. In our school we play lots of sports and do lots of fitness. Our teachers try to make lots of opportunity for use inside and outside school. The teacher at our school are nice and approachable. Our principal  is nice and caring.

Some of the extra curricular activities in our school are Hockey, Soccer, Netball, touch and a lot more. That's just outside of school. If you play Hockey practice will be on Wednesday and the game will be on Friday. Soccer is only a tournament at school but you can go far. Netball you practice at school and play your games on Tuesday.

Inside school Camp, Aims, team sports, student council, technology and NYLD or national young leaders day. The camps we go to are very very fun we go for three days and two nights. Aims is a week of sports representing your school.    

We have a health program during fitness. It is run by Mrs Bailey. It teaches you what to eat and what not to eat. Mrs Bailey away say you don’t have to stop eating it but don’t eat as much of it.

Have fun at our school.                         

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