Thursday, 4 May 2017

Welcome wagon

Welcome to reremoana school, the school where you are guaranteed to get the best primary and intermediate education there is. We offer many opportunities to our students, along with fitness programs, that will uplift your strength and fitness level. We do lots of sports, and have competed in many counties competitions, such as, swimming, hockey, soccer, ripper rugby, tennis, cricket, high jump, orienteering, and many more. We have also qualified from counties to Auckland champs many time before.

We do lots of learning over in the classes getting our brains warmed up. We do many math competitions literacy competitions and sometimes chess competitions. In our senior block we have our languages learning currently, German, Sign language, Maori, and Mandarin. Many of you smartest students go on to math and literacy competitions, and all try out of the end of year dux award.
We offer many art opportunities, having an art award at the end of the year, and doing many murals around the school, we also offer art work in classrooms and this term we are doing an art project such as the mosaics, where our children get to make up their own ideas and put it down to paper.
Our school is a very safe school going by the motto of learn grow and succeed. We offer health care for kids injuries and have a health program for years 6, 7, and 8. We look after our kids, with care, and have a health place called the sick bay where children go if they are unwell and need special treatment.
Our school has very important people who make kids in our school important too. We have people such as the student council where year 7, and 8’s come together and make speeches on why they deserve to be on the student council. We also offer house captains that look after their houses, which are groups that compete in short, these contain, Kauri, kowhai, Rimu, and Totara. We offer many opportunities, and amazing experiences for kids.
yours sincerely, Ella Barr.

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