Sunday, 7 May 2017

Welcome Waggon!!!

Welcome to Reremoana School. We have lots of opportunities that your child can participate in such as sports, music, fitness groups and much more. Our school goes from year 0-8, a full primary and intermediate school where your child will have lots of fun.

In Reremoana school we have lots of sports that your child can participate in such as hockey, soccer, rippa rugby, netball, orienteering, swimming, basketball, and much more. All of those sports are open to anyone (well in age groups) who would like to play.

In the Senior classes (7-8) we get to do languages such as German, Mandarin, and Sign language. They are all fun languages that the year 7-8’s like to do. We also do Friday groups such as pacifica, chess, J-rock, and kapa haka. If you would to be in pacifica you could be learning a sasa when a whole class participates in. Or you could even be learning a siva for the girls (older girls). Or if you were in kapa haka you could be learning a haka, a waiata, (song) and much more.

Also we have lots of leadership opportunities for all the students. Year ⅞’s student council, liberian leaders and much more. We all learn and improve our confidence and leadership skills to help other students learn grow and succeed.

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