Sunday, 7 May 2017

Welcome to Reremoana school. Here in room 8, I am willing to tell you heaps of things about our school, and room 8 our class.
Our school is an amazing school with heaps of great opportunities, for example our school has achieved so much in sports like netball, hockey, basketball, soccer, swimming, high jump, orienteering, running races, and heaps more fun sports, we have a great fitness routine that is great to keep you fit and basically healthy. We also have aims games we go to each year everyone  has a chance to get in, and we do different sports. We have many opportunities but not just sports we also do culture groups there is a Kapa Haka group, a Pasifika group, Chess club, Chamber choir, j-rock, drama group, and much more these groups help us become a better person every single day. :D

Our school is a safe school, us students and teachers take care of each other, and if we need treatment or feel sick we go to the sick bay where they make sure we feel better. As our logo says learn grow and succeed.
We do lots of great learning at Reremoana school, for us seniors, on monday’s we do language’s there is sign language, Maori, Mandarin, and German. We learn heaps from these four classes. We also play competitions against each other  which are very fun.
At Reremoana School there are heaps more amazing things I could talk about but I think I have said enough these are some of amazing things about our school. Caitlin Purves.

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