Thursday, 4 May 2017

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Image result for reremoana schoolWelcome to Reremoana School. We are a school of over 430. Reremoana is a full primary school. Going from years 1-8. We are a decile 9 school, and that is very good. We currently have 18 classrooms, but it future that will probably grow. Reremoana goes by the slogan, Learn, Grow, Succeed, and we do that everyday and you probably will to. Reremoana is a school you will enjoy, and I can guarantee that.
Image result for room 8 signWelcome to room 8. We are a class of 29, and our teacher is Mr Munro. We are a very good class. The best class in the school, we reckon anyway. Room 8 is a year 7&8 class. Mostly year 8’s with some year 7’s. We are a very friendly class, and will welcome you in very fast. The room 8 way. You will make heaps of friends, because we are a very loud class and not afraid to speak. Room 8 is an amazing class, and you will enjoy it in here. Once again guaranteed.
Image result for sports signAfter school we have heaps of extra curricular activities. One of them is netball. We have a school netball club. That has over 5 teams. (I think). Netball is a place where you can meet new people and work as a team. Teamwork will get you far. Another ECA is hockey. The school plays hockey through A Friction hockey club. Reremoana has been doing that for a long time. There are 2 teams you could play for. Knights or Arches. Playing hockey is heaps of fun. You never know, hockey could be your thing, if you just give it a go. One other ECA is Basketball. Basketball is played on friday nights. You get to play with your friends and enjoy yourselves.There are heaps of other ECA outside of the school like, Soccer, Rugby and other netball clubs. But what ever you chose to play at Reremoana school you will enjoy. Guaranteed.
Reremoana has heaps of opportunities for the students. In and outside of school. Some of the opportunities inside of school are, cricket, netball, hockey, orienteering, cross country, athletics and heaps more. These are all feild days we go on during the school year. But that’s only the beginning. The teachers have created all of these opportunities for us students. We are a very sporty school and love our sports. The students love all of the opportunities that the school provides. Sports wise. The teachers at Reremoana try their best to create opportunities for us.
Apart from sports opportunities, there are others. Like cultural groups. At the school we have 2 culture groups. One is Kapa Haka. Taken by the teacher in Rm 6, Mrs Bailey. Mrs Bailey has taken Kapa Haka for 4-5 years now. She has done a very good job every year. The other group was a Pacifica group. Taken by Miss Tait. Miss Tait was a teacher at this school 2 years ago. But left when she had a baby on the way. Miss Tait is amazing at teaching the Pacifica group. Every year she has done it, it is better and better every year and the kids look amazing on stage.
Image result for welcome signThere are a lot of other things I could list and talk about. But we could be here alday. Reremoana is school of lots of opportunities. No matter where you are in the school you will find one. I’m sure of that. You will be sure to find friends here. We are a very diverse class. Students in here come from different places. So if you’re worried you won’t fit it, don’t worry. I’m sure you will find someone who is like you. We have all found one, and that wasn’t hard. We are a school, that have learnt to treat each other with respect. Once again welcome to Reremoana School and I hope you stay he is an amazing one. What I mean is I hope you have an amazing time at Reremoana School. So welcome.

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