Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Journaling Prompt 3

We all are at our positions, we place our hockey sticks on the ground, getting ready to start the game, we face to the opposite team ready to play, as the game is about to start our hockey teacher screams at us telling us what to do when we have the ball, and telling us to get the ball or at least help other players. When my team has the ball each person gets a turn with the ball they pass it to my team mates or me.
The game had started, and we had the ball, while my teammates were running faster and faster while we were passing the ball to each other, the other team tried so hard to grab the ball off us, but failed we started to keep heading down to the other side so we could score our goal, we kept passing the ball to each other, then all of a sudden one of my team shot the score, and we were finally catching up to the other team, we were really happy because we only needed one more score, to win, a couple of minutes we had one the game, we were all happy, that we won, and we went home. Caitlin.

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