Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Dont make lunch, BUY IT!

Image result for lunch ordersTo make a lunch order you need to order it off the menu. you will need a bit of paper and a envelope. On the paper you need to write what you want from the lunch menu.  You need to write what room and name is on the paper. After you have done that you need to put it in the envelope and bring it to school.

When you get to school you need to put it in the lunch order box and remind the lunch order monitor to take the box before school starts if you have a box, if you don't then give it to the lady/man at the lunch room.

When it's lunchtime you could remind the lunch order monitor or you could go get it yourself. When you get it, if you need change you need to check if you have got given the change if, you haven't you need to go and get it. Then you can EAT IT!.

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